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Who are we? 

Nahm Prik, meaning condiments in Thai. This very essense holds the balance of fine delicate cooking of the very heart of every thai dishes. Here, at Nahm Prik Thai cuisine (thai restaurant altrincham), we develop great passion for fine cooking where chefs are looking to develop new dishes and flavours at every opportunity. 


Korn, both the owner and chef herself along with her best friends comes from a traditional thai family where children at a very young age are encouraged to help their family with cooking and providing meal for their family. This is where hours of delicate training and practice are repeated over and over until perfection as recipe for great taste are handed down by experience. 


At Nahm Prik Thai, we'd love to provide our customer with scrumtuous, succulent tasting dishes and great service from the very heart of thai custom and hospitality. We're looking forward to serving you and see you soon!

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